Youth Power Global Leaders

Who are they?

The Youth Power Global Leaders help lead the Youth Power campaign. They have been recruited from all around the world to help shape the direction of the campaign and design key global moments and actions to support Youth Power. They will lead the delivery of this global campaign within their countries and play an active role in the decision making across Youth Power's work on data-driven accountability, global advocacy, local to national campaigning, and communication.

Here's a run down of who they are.

Alusine Diamond-Suma
Sierra Leone

"I will use the resources and gains made in the area of advocacy, coordination, networking and communication to light the light amongst Global Leaders that will inform positive conversation around young people and the issues that matters to us."


Inota Cheta

As a Youth Power Global Leader I will use my resources, knowledge, skills and expertise in community mobilization and youth engagement to meaningfully contribute towards the fulfilment of my roles in the Global Youth Leaders Campaign.



Francis Ametepey

As a Youth Advisory Committee member of Ghana Health Service,I will create a platform to mobilize youth in and out of school, sensitize them on the SDGs and why it is important for them to be involved in its monitoring.


Dana Shubat

Working for the world is an action to be taken by youth! We are the exact activists in the process of driving the world to a better future.

Through science, education, safety, food, peace and all aspects we could possibly work on! It is a lifetime commitment and we are taking our responsibilities into high serious level!



Lucas Maximo

I will use my experiences in advocacy, community engagement and networking to work towards meaningful youth-led impact on the issues that most affect us. I hope that my skills and motivation can serve as qualities to the construction of a platform for young people’s empowerment.


Victoria Ibiwoye

As an advocate of education for sustainable development, I will share my experience and skills in communications and advocacy to draw the interest of global leaders, policy makers and youth as key stakeholders in development to collaborate and take bold steps for increased commitment to the SDG Education 2030 Agenda.


Tangang Andrew

I will use my knowledge and skills in governance and accountability to empower youths and students in various communities and schools on the SDGs, and promoting effective youth and local accountability, while learning from the positive practices of other Global Leaders and contributing on the success of the Youth Power Global Campaign



Gezire Tembo

As a Youth Power Global Leader, I will work towards the fulfilment of Goal 8 in my community through lobbying for commitment by government to invest in entrepreneurship in order to increase young people’s income and careers.




Dexter Acosta Galban, RN, RBP, FRIN

As youth & health advocate, I will share my experience in public policy development, strategic organizational management, advocacy campaigning, and system planning to help craft & implement innovative policies & programs seeking to achieve the Global Goals, promote tri-sectoral collaboration, and empower young leaders around the world.




Nyasha Phanisa Sithole

I will push for policy implementation in my country and beyond and share my skills around local, national regional and global campaigning, social media and communications with other young people of the world to strengthen our efforts on holding leaders accountable for the Global Goals.



Saffran Mihnar
Sri Lanka

As young leader am looking for technological inclusion in the SDGs system implementing and monitoring would be the biggest impact to stop the extinction of human race from Earth. Creating Institutional Architectural Mechanism for SDGs in the Country and Globally.

We young people are the future and I believe that this could be a platform that young people with different Innovative Solutions for Transforming our world the future we want.


Tasfia Mehzabin

As an Youth Power Global Leader, I will try to forge a better future including education and healthy cultural practice for the helpless and poor children in my community.




Richard Dzikunu

I will be proactive and bring innovation on holding leaders accountable to the SDGs.




Jayanti Acharya Poudel

As a Youth Power Leader, I will work for the community workout, raising voice for the development of society following government rules along with youths to spread our activities and focusing for the keen development of the community as well as world.



Mario Raphael Boothe

To my contribution to Youth Power will be to use my knowledge, competencies, experience and network as a tool advocate, build awareness, promote accountability throughout society and galvanize youth action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Jamaica, the Caribbean Region and the world.





Francesca Van Daele

I will contribute to the development of a multicultural society by understanding the needs of different young people who distinguish themselves culturally, financially or religiously; and translate these needs into whatever might work to give these youngsters their say in how they want to be understood by the community or in other words how they want to live together.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.