Our Approach to Youth Leadership

We are a global agency for youth-led change. We derive our strength from being clear where:

  • Young people lead our work
  • Restless Development works with young people
  • Restless Development works on behalf of young people

Our Approach draws from years of expertise, synthesising a holistic approach to youth-leadership across the agency. Where other agencies fail by only incorporating young people in some of the areas below, we succeed in holistically empowering young people across our agency.


  • Youth Leadership Development: We will continue to hire on potential, committing to over 1000 young people taking up roles and formal training as Restless Development staff and Associates
  • Youth Partnerships: We will empower young people to lead our Restless Model, committing to creating 20,000 new opportunities for Young Leaders to mobilise 2.5 million young changemakers.
  • Youth-Driven Action: We will partner with 500 youth-led organisations and movements as part of our new strategy and the Youth Collective.
  • Youth Voice: A global Youth Team will play a central role in ensuring the Voice of young people is central in all elements of our work, strategy and performance via our Dynamic Accountability approach.
  • Youth Governance: A minimum of 20 young people will serve on our boards globally every year (2 per hub) in addition to broader governance engagement via our Dynamic Accountability approach.

Youth Leadership Approaches

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