The Youth Collective is building a movement of those committed to youth-led change – from young people to youth-led partners to investors - supporting them to lead global change collectively. We know that if the power of young people to change our world is unleashed now, every generation will benefit.

The Youth Collective will connect young people, youth organisations and partners in youth-led development across the world to inform and collaborate on our global shared priorities. Together we will unleash the power of youth-led change on a far bigger scale than we could achieve by ourselves.

By joining the Youth collective you can be one in a powerful network of...

20,000 Young Leaders
500 Youth Led Organizations
500 Associates and
50+ International Organizations


You! A wide range of individuals, government departments, companies, partner NGOs, campaigns and associates will champion and support youth-led change as members of the Youth Collective. From sharing best practice, opportunities and infrastructure to raising funds as individuals and creating partnerships as organizations, the Youth Collective brings partners together to catalyze change and support young-changemakers.

There are many ways to join - read on for examples of how your peers are already fueling the movement.



The Youth Collective will engage both online and offline. You can get involved by sharing the work of other Youth Collective members on social media - promoting their campaigns and linking to opportunities. Instead of seeing the media as a source of negativity and “fake news”, you can follow us online and share stories about young people leading positive change.Find us on Facebook (Restless Development USA), Twitter (@RestlessDevUSA), and our Instagram account Humans of Restless.


No matter your industry you may have ideas and solutions to share with the movement. One way to share is through the We Are Restless blog by writing an article and sharing your perspective on development from the a different sector’s lense.  


Do you have time to share your knowledge, skills or expertise? Restless Development USA is a small team where each member is required to wear many hats and would welcome your advice. We are currently searching for pro bono legal guidance, PR and marketing expertise, as well as graphic design support.


In order to take part in the Youth Collective you can help to raise much needed funding for the movement. Foundations and institutions can maintain and grow their portfolio of investment in youth focused impact. An individual or company can do events or activities like a dinner party, concert, or run a race for Restless Development!

The NYC based rock band Circadian Clock have thrown fun concert events for Restless Development which raised funding for - and awareness of - our impactful work. So, no matter what your talent you can use it to build the Youth Collective and enable young people to lead in their communities all over the world.

“We were very happy to collaborate with Restless because something that we all deeply care about is conscious activism and helping others because we are lucky enough to be able to do so. We love to make music, so being able to use our music to effect real change - and the knowledge that we helped provide health education and relief from abuse to young women around the world - is immensely gratifying." -Melissa Vile, Singer/Song Writer for Circadian Clock


We invite you to join the Leadership Circle, Entrepreneurship Panel or Mabinti Circle.

We welcome your advice and support in expanding our Leadership Circle. Your support will help Restless Development to implement long-term, sustainable projects, enabling us to innovate, expand and achieve our ambitious 5 year strategy.

We believe young people can be entrepreneurs, build successful businesses, and ultimately hold the answer to the unemployment crisis in their country. Restless Development’s groundbreaking work to place young people at the forefront of change is only possible thanks to individuals like those on the Entrepreneurship Panel.

By joining the Mabinti Circle you'll connect with the global movement for gender equality and help Restless Development  implement sustainable projects for young women and girls around the world that allow them to lead, innovate, and empower their communities to thrive.

Your support will help Restless Development to implement long-term, sustainable projects, enabling us to innovate, expand and achieve our ambitious 5 year strategy.


GBx Global, a private network of British entrepreneurs based in the Bay Area, will work partnered with Restless Development in 2018 to help us unleash the power of young people to change our world. The GBx network believe in the power of entrepreneurship to help shape the future of young people and are highlighting stories like David's, see below, on their website.

If your company wants to support the Youth Collective movement through a mutually beneficial partnership with Restless Development, reach out to Anna (


If you’d like to speak to someone about The Youth Collective, please email Anna (

Download the Youth Collective PDF.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.