Our Work

Restless Development USA works to establish strategic partnerships with international development agencies, the US government, United Nations agencies, the private sector, and NGOs to advance youth-led development policies and practice and to raise interest and investment for Restless Development’s global work.

We have launched a new US office in New York City with the following 3 objectives:
OBJECTIVE ONE: Secure a Strong and Sustainable Funding Base

The US has an unmatched robust, innovative and diverse philanthropic sector. Restless Development USA aims to build a regular and significant funding stream from a diverse portfolio of institutions, foundations, private sector companies, and individuals.

OBJECTIVE TWO: Promote and advance the role of youth in development at key global institutions

Restless Development is increasingly sought after as an expert in putting youth at the center of development. We are collaborating with a number of important US and global development institutions to continue building the global momentum around youth in development. By working with other international players and processes to improve youth participation in development policies and design effective youth programs and strategies, we will ensure that young people are central to the international development agenda.

OBJECTIVE THREE: Catalyze and facilitate youth-led approaches in addressing global challenges

For the past ten years the US office recruited volunteers from the USA and Canada. Though we do not currently offer this service, we are strengthening our American and Canadian alumni network, and in the future looking connect young people in the US to the young people leading our programs in Africa and Asia.

In addition, we are exploring ways to partner with the private sector to develop mutually beneficial initiatives to engage young people. We are also partnering with other development organizations to expand and improve youth-led approaches.


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