TWAKANE is specifically developed to roll out proven best practices or models to other Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s).

TWAKANE model aims at sharing our proven and evidence based best practices through targeted technical support to other Civil Society Organizations, sustained engagement with Restless Development Alumni in achieving our mission and through dissemination of information in form of case studies, newsletters etc on our work and sharing of our programme tools. While sharing our best practices we at the same time learn from other institutions thereby increasing the number of CSOs, institutions (government, private) Multi and Bilateral Organisations who are partnering with us to deliver on a common agenda.

With 735 Alumni since 2004 Restless Development Zambia constantly seeks to engage our ex-volunteers in our programme to ensure that after interactions the skills that the alumni have developed are used positively to better their lives and contribute to household income growth. Through the Twakane model we place our ex-volunteers trained as Advocates for Action (A4A) in different organisations to build the capacity of their staff to be able to implement our evidence based models.

Our Interventions under Twakane

Hands-on Learning Project
Through this project we build capacity and offer technical support to Copperbelt Health Education Project (CHEP) on using the Community Self Assessment Process in their work.

CHEP in its work advocates for free access to education, health and welfare for orphans and vulnerable children, particularly girls.
We have trained Advocates 4 Action attached to CHEP and leading on the capacity building and mentoring activities which target their staff and volunteers. It is expected that after the capacity building is done, CHEP will then train the community members from the communities they work in on the community self assessment process and on ways they can use the findings/evidence gathered from the assessment process to engage their community leaders and local government representatives.

vincent mwale

In the picture: Hon. Vincent Mwale, MP talking to Advocates4Action during a Policy Engagement Meeting

College Programme (Teacher AIDS Action Programme - TAAP): Lobbying for improved monitoring and tracking of set indicators.
We believe that the challenges that are faced by the education sector cannot be addressed solely by Ministry of Education, Sciences, Vocational Training and Early Education (MESVTEE) neither can they be addressed solely by CSOs operating in isolation from the sector. Therefore, there is need for collaboration and to ensure that elements that have been proven to have been successful are mainstreamed within the sector in order to achieve sustainability in identified priority areas. Our college intervention is a step in that direction.

Through our youth-led accountability model, we have demonstrated how evidence generated from the ground through service delivery combined with access to key actors enables action to stem upon the findings of the research. Therefore, in the quest to ensure that there is effective monitoring and tracking of the set indicators with regards number of learners reached with life skills based and HIV and AIDS education in the education sector, evidence from the colleges is collated centrally and packaged into concise position papers which are shared with senior officials from MESVTEE.

With increased demand for showing results and also as a way of laying a basis for advocacy, it has become critical that the work being done on the ground is able to generate tangible results that will be able to prove the efficacy of the interventions as well as the value for money.

We also share the gathered evidence through means such as radio show discussions, publishing of position papers in the local newspapers, holding of TV discussions and documentaries of success stories to further inform MESVTEE.

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