Your Fundraising is changing the world.

Last year, 3,100 young triathletes raised over £380,000 for Restless Development by taking part in the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon. The impact that this money has on our work around the world is enormous. 

We want to say thank you to all our triathletes for taking part and for working hard to raise money for Restless Development. You really are changing the world. 

Reach above and beyond your fundraising goals with our resources.

Top Tri Tips: A great way to boost your fundraising is by using social media! Whether you're taking pictures of your training, organising a fundraising event or sharing your JustGiving page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, make sure you tag us @FlightCentreSchoolsTriathlon and use #TriFlightCentre #SchoolsTriathlon #RestLessTriMore. By tagging us on social media, we'll also be able to share all the amazing fundraising you're doing with other children around the UK to inspire them to reach their fundraising goals!

Meet some of our young Restless Development volunteers.

Everyday we are inspired by young people leading change, whether helping their communities to thrive by setting up local businesses, or campaigning to end problems like child marriage. The money raised through the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon contributes directly to our work. Read some of their stories and find out how your fundraising changes the world. 

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