Facts by topic

Topics - education/skills:

Around 89 million youth, ages 12-24 years, are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa. [World Bank july 2015: OUt of School Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa - A Policy Perspective]
“Many countries with rapidly growing youth populations are struggling already to educate their young people” UN Population Facts May 2015.

Topics - jobs:

At least 600 million youth entering job market in next 15 years [Justine Greening ODI/BOND speech referring to World Bank stat]
“Some countries anticipating rapid growth in numbers of youth are among those with very high youth unemployment rates ” UN Population Facts May 2015.

Topics - elongation of youth:

The very definition of youth is changing. When understood as a transition between child and adult, dependency and independence, it is clear that the definitions of youth are changing beyond simply 15-24. Stuck: Rwandan Youth and the Struggle for Adulthood (Studies in Security and International Affairs.

Topics - investment in youth for Macro-Economic growth:

“Youth education and employment are essential to harnessing the opportunities for economic growth associated with the demographic dividend”... check our section 4 for some of the best rationale on why investing in youth is critical to drive macro-economic growth… even if they use ‘demographic dividend’ UN Population Facts May 2015.