Kijana Wajibika

This programme represents a pilot initiative to build a sustainable presence of youth led networks on the grounds motivated and equipped with the technical skills to drive citizen demand for greater accountability.

At present, the networks have been formed in 14 regions through Fahamu, Sikiliza, Ongea programme, and currently focus on the constitution. The groups have been trained on youth to youth peer education, sensitisation and working with local governments, community engagement, and media work through radio and press.

So far the networks have reached 6,966 young people on the constitution, and are beginning to work on the second draft. In the second phase of the project, (now and through elections) we will be strengthening the capacity, coverage, and role of the networks, introducing news skills on social accountability, helping them to source their own resources, and integrating self-employment strategies as a source of income for the groups and their members.