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We need your stories and photos for a special book celebrating 30 years of SPW/Restless Development.

We'll even send you a free copy so you can see them in print!

Do you remember arriving in a new country with little more than what you had on your back and a dream of making a difference?

We're collecting memorable moments, stories and photos from former volunteers to celebrate 30 years of Restless Development (formerly Students Partnership Worldwide). Tell us yours using the form below and we'll share everyone's memories with you later in the year. Don’t forget to share this page with your fellow alumni so we can include their stories too!

If you volunteered with Students Partnership Worldwide or Restless Development, you’re sure to have a special moment that lives on in your memory. Perhaps it’s taking on and overcoming new challenges? Maybe it’s making lasting friendships? Or perhaps it’s taking cold showers and avoiding mosquito bites?

Whatever your memory, we want to hear it. Please tell us using the form below.

Help us find your fellow alumni

We don’t have all of our former volunteers’ contact details so if you’re still in touch with any of your fellow alumni, we’d love to hear from them too. Please send them a link to this website so that they can share their stories for our memory book.

Share your story for our special memory book

Please use this box to share a story or memorable moment from your time as a volunteer that we will include in our special book celebrating 30 years of SPW/Restless Development.

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louis theroux volunteer in Zimbabwe 1988
"My time volunteering with SPW has given me a lifelong affinity with Zimbabwe. I’ll never forget its beautiful big skies, great spreading plains and extremely friendly people. It also helped me learn a lot about myself. It was a very formative experience for me."

“Living with the people in the community where we were volunteering brought us further understanding of another way of life. I met some amazing people and I know I will return to International Development in my career.”

Jacob Powell, volunteer in Zambia in 2013

Can we count on you once again?

Our work is only possible because of the kindness of people like you. By giving a gift today, you could help to ensure that a new generation of young people are given a chance to lead development within their communities and become the leaders of the future.

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Our story

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The story begins

In 1985, Students Partnership Worldwide was founded as a volunteering scheme for Westminster School leavers. We’ve come a long way since then.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve become more efficient, more organised and wider reaching – but our unshakable belief in the power of young people to lead change still lies at the heart of everything we do.

SPW volunteer in India

New name, same commitment to change

Over time, we found that we can have a much greater impact by focusing on local young people in developing countries. By helping them to take a leadership role within their own communities, we can work with them to address the most urgent issues facing their countries – whether that’s stopping the spread of diseases like Ebola and HIV and AIDS or giving young women a voice to speak out against discrimination.

Our old name no longer did our impact justice, so we changed it – becoming Restless Development in 2010.

Young people

Eight countries, countless futures changing

Much of the work we do takes place in developing countries in Africa and Asia. We believe that change comes from within. That’s why we work to empower local young people to help change their future – and the future of their community. If you’d like to play a role in the future of Restless Development, please call 0207 633 3350 or email

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.