Sierra Leone

Restless Development Sierra Leone has consciously moved away from single-issue programming to integrate elements across our goal areas, mobilising young leaders and changemakers through an integrated programming approach.


Restless Development Sierra Leone recognises that everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a living.

Following the Ebola epidemic, Restless Development Sierra Leone began working with One Girl Australia on the Business Brains Project, set up to support young women and girls in communities severely impacted by the Ebola crisis to develop entrepreneurial skills. As well as incorporating financial literacy, career development and life skills, the project has recently expanded to address issues around menstrual health, empowering girls to sell sanitary pads as part of their business skills development. Through this programme we have 15 young leaders working with 450 girls’ club members and 300 active scholarships.

Our view on Living Rights


We believe that young people should be able to take control of their sexual and reporoductive rights. 

Having recently received an extension of support from Comic Relief as part of its Four Cities programme, the Pull Slum Pan Pipul addresses the root causes of Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in an urban context. The programme not only works to improve young people’s knowledge and awareness of rights, laws and services related to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and SGBV, but also to strengthen services for young people by helping build their capacity and supporting their advocacy work. Through a “Reflect” methodology, young women are also supported to increase their income as the project seeks to improve the livelihoods and health of people living in slum communities in Freetown.

Our view on Sexual Rights


Public services in Sierra Leone are essential for many communities.

The Strengthening Accountability and Building Inclusion (SABI) project - delivered in partnership with DfID - is gathering vital information about the quality of services and whether communities are accessing them. Restless Developing has mobilised 2,000 young volunteers who are engaging with 56,000 community members, collecting data and using it develop action plans to improve service. The programme draws on our expertise in mobilising communities to develop action plans to sustainably improve service delivery as part of the Ebola Recovery Programme, and the National Agenda for Prosperity.


We believe that young people can be leaders in supporting their communities to be resilient against the toughest challenges they face.

All of our work in Sierra Leone is being implemented in the broader post-Ebola context and addresses Restless Development’s leadership goal through which young people help to rebuild strong and resilient communities through our community-led mobilisation approach and 'action research' models. Examples of previous Youth-led and Action Research methodologies have created valuable resources for development actors in Sierra Leone, including the Youth Manifesto for the 2012 Elections and Youth Participation in Local Council Decision-Making.
We have also recently won funding to reduce Malaria prevalence by conducting action research to generate evidence on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of young people regarding malaria prevention and treatment. This research, led by and for marginalised adolescent young people, will inform and influence the development of sustainable youth-friendly malaria services in communities in Sierra Leone.

Our view on Leadership Rights

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