Save the Date project aims to reduce child marriage, and to spread awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights and gender inequality. This project targets both the young people and the adults to make an impact on the young people. The programme is implemented through dance4life’s innovative model of providing sex education in schools, using music and dance to involve and inspire young people.

Through Save the Date, Restless Development launched a new event called ‘Parents Costume Show and Skit’ to mark the International Day of Girl Child, 2016 in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dolakha and Sunsari districts. The event was organised to open a platform to discuss issues related to child marriage for young students and parents and convey a positive message against it. Restless Development, in collaboration with Ministry of Women and Children, Department of Women and Children, UNICEF and Girls Not Brides, is working together to draft the implementation plan of National Strategy to End Child Marriage, 2072. Similarly, in joint leadership with District Women and Children Office, District Development Committee, UCHEP Nepal (PNGO), Restless Development, and other stakeholders on the 1st February 2016, Chandbela VDC of Sunsari District was declared Child Marriage Free,

In the upcoming year, the ultimate goal of the program is for young people in the targeted community to get married according to the Nepalese law. Likewise, Women Network Group of Prakashpur with the support of District Women and Children Office (Sunsari), UCHEP Nepal and Restless Development has publicly declared to make Prakashpur VDC, Sunsari a Child Marriage Free, by the end of 2017. Restless Development is working brilliantly to achieve such successes in at least 1 VDC of other working districts as well.

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