Save the Date focuses on young people making healthy Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) choices. The project, wich started in 2013, will run until 2016, reaching over 12,500 young people through inspiring and delivering sessions to over 9,000 young people on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Gender Based Violence (GBV). Furthermore, 7,500 (60% of young people reached) will provide training on leadership development, life skills, ending gender based violence, activities organising skills, advocacy and other activities in schools and communities. The project will be implemented in partnership with Ministry of Youth and Sports including teachers, parents, and community leaders to create awareness on gender inequality and SRHR issues. This would also strengthen model youth information centers in districts.

At the end of the project, young people will have comprehensive knowledge, will feel confident to openly discuss issues and make correct decisions regarding SRHR and gender inequality. The programme will be implemented and coordinated with Community Radio Center to link schools and community, radio soap and CWIN so that young people are able to directly access child helpline. Furthermore, Restless Development will advocate to reduce child marriage in the targeted community, with a strong focus on ending child marriage.

In order to deliver the expected result, the programme has been planned in four stages:

Inspire: Resources will be distributed; facilitators will be trained and various sessions will be conducted.

Educate: The facilitators will be recruted and delivery sessions will be carried out to the students, the community and the Youth Information Centre.

Activate: Training of facilitators; formation/strenghthening of youth clubs; activate awareness raising programmes and training on sports, GBV and SRHR;

Celebrate: This stage as the name suggests will be all about day celebration (World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, Girls’ Day, Volunteers’ Day) and District Level Celebration. Furthermore, condom distribution will be done, while using social media like Facebook to promote our programme to spread awareness.


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