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Life is all too often mapped out for young girls in rural Tanzania: grow up fast, miss out on school, marry young and become a mother, bearing the weight of desperate poverty whilst still a teenager.

You can give more girls like Sikujua the power to define their futures, starting today.

Sikujua in front of home

Sikujua's happy childhood in a remote village in Tanzania ended suddenly, the day she tragically lost her father and the income their family depended on.

With little money for food, her mother could no longer afford school fees, and despite her good grades Sikujua had no choice but to leave school.


Not being at school is still something that hurts me so much. I am fighting so hard to get back to school so I will have a bright future and my dreams will not get lost.

Image of Sikujua with sewing machine

With hope all but lost, Sikujua joined a girls group - started and supported entirely by Restless Development. Through the training and advice she received, Sikujua realised she can still fight poverty. 

The group helped her to get a sewing machine (which you can see Sikujua with on the right) and she started to earn a small income.

Soon, she will return to school - paying her fees with the money she has earned. But there are still many young girls condemned to poverty. Your support can give them the power to define their own futures.


Restless Development works entirely with young people like Sikujua - giving them the power to lead their own development, and that of their communities and countries. We train, we mentor, we provide a safe space for girls like Sikujua to come together with other girls just like them, to learn new skills, to access the materials and finance they need to start small businesses, to understand and begin to take the choices that are theirs to make.

But we need more people like you to help us be there for more young people like Sikujua. Will you join us on our mission to put the power in the hands of young people, so they can fight poverty today, tomorrow and for years to come? 


Restless Development believes in the power of young people to change their lives for the better. We believe in girls like Sikujua. We believe that ending poverty is possible if we listen, engage and invest in young people to change their own lives and the lives of others around them.

We're small, and we're mighty.

We're ambitious, and we're practical.

We're unique and we're different.

If you’d like to talk to us more about supporting Restless Development, please call our office on 0207 633 3350 and ask to speak to Holly. Or email us on supportercare@restlessdevelopment.org


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