Our Youth-Led Research Methodology

What do we mean when we say “youth-led research?”

At Restless Development, we are committed to facilitating young people to conduct research on the issues that matter to them.

We do not stop at assisting them in drawing out meaningful and relevant findings. We also support them to share those findings to inform needs-responsive programme design and to advocate for evidence-based solutions for policy formulation and resource allocation.

We do so through our youth-led research methodology, which we have delivered across the geographic contexts we work in to understand key contextual dimensions of the goal areas young people identified for themselves: having a voice, a living, sexual rights, and leadership.

Across these various locations and issues, our methodology remains consistent. Grounded in reflection of the best practices we have identified through this experience, this methodology is our standardised 6-step approach to supporting young people to lead the research process from end-to-end at every stage.


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