12 Apr 16,
International UK

Yesterday, the Department For International Development (DFID) published its Youth Agenda - their plan for how young people will be put at the heart of development. Don’t mistake it for just another PDF on a website. This is a landmark moment for the young people around the world. And here’s why...

08 Apr 16,
Around the world

On the 100th day of the Global Goals coming into effect, young campaigners from around the world are asking their leaders to show their plan to end poverty, inequality and climate change.

05 Apr 16,

On the 12th of March 2016, Restless Development Zimbabwe ICS (International Citizenship Service) Volunteers, hosted an awareness campaign focusing on HIV and AIDS in Ushewokunze (Ushe), a high density suburb in Harare. The campaign was the first of its kind in the area, and attracted a crowd of 500 people.

17 Mar 16,
Sierra Leone

On Thursday 17th March, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which started in 2014 to be finished in Sierra Leone, and therefore in West Africa as a whole. What does this mean, how did young Sierra Leoneans make this happen, and what is next?

16 Mar 16,
International Tanzania

It's been just one month since Eva launched her campaign for clean water in her village, Malinzanga, in rural Tanzania - but already thousands of people around the world have chosen to stand with her.

16 Mar 16,
International UK ZAMBIA

With the Zambian elections approaching on August 11th 2016, young Zambians encouraging each other to raise their voice were featured on the BBC's televised fundraising event Sport Relief on Friday 18th 2016.  

14 Mar 16,

Youth Stop AIDS is a youth-led movement, powered by Restless Development, campaigning for a world without AIDS. They’ve just a whirlwind month, touring the UK and spreading the word about their Missing Medicine’s campaign. Tabby Ha, Youth Stop AIDS Campaign Coordinator, sums it all up below.

08 Mar 16,
Around the world

It’s the UN Statistical Commission this week (8th - 11th of March). For some of you, three more boring words have never been uttered in succession! For others, you may feel at home with figures, data and indicators. Whether it’s your natural territory or not, statistics have never been more important for young people as they are this week.

04 Mar 16,
International UK
17 Feb 16,
International Tanzania

Eva, a young girl supported by Restless Development in Tanzania, is launching a petition to ask her leaders to keep their promises and help her community access clean water.

ONE and Restless Development are to #StandWithEva in solidarity, helping to spread her message and inspire other young people to turn the promises made in the Global Goals into real action that changes lives. This initiative is part of Restless Development's Youth Power campaign.

03 Feb 16,
Around the world International

Don’t know your ECOSOC from your elbow? Or your HLPF from your PDF? Two of Restless Development’s policy team, Sarah Haynes, Policy Co-ordinator, and Sophie Foreman, Communications Officer, break down the jargon in the recent UN Secretary General’s report to uncover what’s good, what needs work and what’s missing.

06 Jan 16,
Around the world

January 2016 sees the new Sustainable Development Goals coming into force. If these Goals are to transform the lives of children, young people, their communities and countries, we must do things differently from now on. Today, the #Case4Space initiative launches its report, ‘From Rhetoric to Action’, led by 18 Global Young Researchers from 5 regions of the world and authored by Youth Policy Labs. Their innovative research investigates and analyses current conditions for child and youth development and presents considerations for future action on the cusp of a new era in global development.

23 Dec 15,

Spotlight on Restless Development's involvement in action/2015. We joined the global movement action/2015, campaigning with you throughout the year for world leaders to make ambitious decisions to end poverty, inequality and climate change. Together we took action around key global moments to raise awareness of the new Global Goals, call for bold climate action and to show world leaders that now is the time for change.

21 Dec 15,

As 2015 draws to a close, we draw attention to a Restless Development supported campaign that pushed global leaders to be more ambitious on sexual and reproductive health and rights: Have You Seen My Rights?.

14 Dec 15,

The climate change talks in Paris (known as COP21) ended with an agreement this Saturday 12th December. Restless Development has hailed the positive impact civil society campaigning has had on the final document, ‘The Paris Outcome’. However, it has urged campaigners to remain vigilant to ensure that the detail that follows it stick to the priorities of young people.

04 Dec 15,

Youth Stop AIDS marked World AIDS Day (Tues 1 Dec) in London by calling on the UK Government to get behind a new global agreement on the way we produce new medicines - a move that could improve the lives of millions of people that live with HIV & AIDS.

19 Nov 15,

What has aid or development achieved? How will the new 'Global Goals for Sustainable Development' agreed at the United Nations in September 2015 make a difference? Does 'development' have a future at all? Restless Development put this debate to a panel of experts at our event: "Good, Bad, Sustainable? The Future of International Development"

04 Nov 15,
Sierra Leone

On Saturday 7th November, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which started in 2014 to be finished in Sierra Leone. What does this mean, how did young Sierra Leoneans make this happen, and what is next?

27 Oct 15,

Restless Development Zambia has been implementing Act! 2015 activities since 2014, while engaging with more than 14 youth serving and youth targeting organizations together with government line ministries and UN agencies.




22 Oct 15,

The general election that will take place on Sunday 25th October 2015 in Tanzania will be a pivotal moment for young Tanzanians involvement in their society. The youth population (14 - 25 years old) has almost doubled from 4.4 million in 1990, to 8.1 million in 2010, meaning young people make up a crucial voting demographic.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.