Ebola Outreach Interns Recruited

After receiving hundreds of applications from young people across the country, we have now recruited all 200 of our Ebola Outreach Interns to begin the Ebola awareness-raising campaign in Sierra Leone.

08 Sep 2014

Our response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone

The Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone continues to reach unprecedented levels of infection, having now spread to almost all parts of the country, meaning the situation is becoming ever more urgent. Restless Development has been able to mobilize hundreds of Ebola Outreach Interns in a matter of days, who will carry out lifesaving work in communities at risk.

28 Aug 2014

Restless Development to work in more Clinics in Zambia

Restless Development has been approved to work in the Clinics in Lusaka, Central and Northern Provinces.

22 Aug 2014

I Hitched a Ride in Bristol

Lauren Thatcher is a Restless Development volunteer who went to Zimbabwe on International Citizen Service. She now tells us about what happened at Hitch a Ride.

21 Aug 2014

Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development launched today

Today the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) launched the Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development to positively influence the new development agenda.

18 Aug 2014

#GetToKnow George, Moment, Siko Siko and Nwabisa on International Youth Day

We don’t often get a chance to #GetToKnow young people living in developing countries - who they are, their hobbies and their day-to-day lives – and see just how much we each have in common.

12 Aug 2014

Hitch a Ride 2014

Members of the public will be able to jump on a rickshaw for a tour round in exchange for a conversation about the results of international aid. They even get a picture with the rickshaw to take home with them!

11 Aug 2014