Power, rights and participation: a practical guide

We are launching a new practical guide to power, rights and participation in the context of the post-2015 process alongside Actionaid, British Youth Council and Plan UK. The content is adaptable to suit different levels of knowledge and familiarity with the issues, and local, national or international level advocacy.

22 May 2015


As Sierra Leone marks a year since its first Ebola case, Restless Development’s more than 2,000 Ebola Community Mobilisers are speaking up for Sierra Leonean youth. They are beating this crisis and they are showing the world they are #MoreThanEbola.

22 May 2015


This week Member States meet again in New York to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically on “follow-up and review” - how will we collectively ensure we achieve the goals, see where we are failing, who is being left behind, and hold duty-bearers accountable. Here we identify the key issues at stake and our recommendations.

20 May 2015

Update After Second Major Earthquake Hits Nepal

A second major earthquake struck Nepal; just two weeks after the initial 7.8 magnitude quake hit the country. Restless Nepal staff and young volunteers have been tirelessly working with partners, providing relief efforts in hard to reach districts since the first earthquake.

13 May 2015

Discussing the role of midwives in Zambia

The midwives4all campaign event brought together midwives, adolescents, community members, policy makers and donors to discuss the role of midwives in reducing maternal mortality with a focus on adolescents.


11 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake Update

Many of our staff and volunteers have been affected by the initial 7.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks, which devastated Nepal on Saturday.

For 14 years Restless Development has had an active network of thousands of young volunteers in 36 out of 75 districts in Nepal, six of which have been hit by the earthquake.

29 Apr 2015

From the Bahamas to China: 19 young researchers begin an innovative research and advocacy project

As part of our Case for Space project , we will be working with 19 talented young researchers from around the globe to try and answer the following question:

“What is the enabling environment (necessary conditions and structures) that ensures children and young people have access to their rights, can influence decisions, and have improved livelihoods?”

28 Apr 2015