23 Mar 18,

Restless Development will take over one of London's most popular food stalls as part of a new partnership with Waffle On.

23 Mar 18,

Restless Development CEO Nik Hartley is standing down after an incredible 19 years with the organisation.

28 Nov 17,

Restless Development will take over one of London's most popular waffle stalls as part of their partnership with leading company Waffle On.

16 Nov 17,
Around the world International

Restless Development is launching a month of celebrations to mark the impact made by young volunteers around the world.

For decades, young people from different countries have been working together across borders to create lasting change.

03 Nov 17,

Restless Development has welcomed the UK Labour Party’s inclusion of a youth representative on its new International Development Task Force.

18 Sep 16,
Around the world India International UK USA

In September 2016, the United Nations gathers for its 71st General Assembly, and Restless Development, along with young people we support, are attending to make the case for unleashing the potential of young people to change the world.

22 May 16,
Around the world International Nepal Sierra Leone

How Restless Development is making the case for young people to be at the heart of humanitarian action at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul 23 - 24 May 2016

12 Apr 16,
International UK

Yesterday, the Department For International Development (DFID) published its Youth Agenda - their plan for how young people will be put at the heart of development. Don’t mistake it for just another PDF on a website. This is a landmark moment for the young people around the world. And here’s why...

21 Jul 15,
International UK

From now until the 31st July, Member States are meeting at the UN in New York, to finalise the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
As part of the negotiations, there is a "Zero Draft" that details what States will be promising to act on. This is our response to the Zero Draft, and what we are pushing for in the final two weeks.

21 Jul 15,

Hattigauda, Nepal, hosts on of Restless Development’s Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs). These centres have been built to help children continue to learn and play after the devastating effects of the recent earthquakes, which destroyed the majority of schools in the country.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.