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11 May 11

We've been working in conjunction with Zambian bank ZANACO to roll out a new financial literacy programme for young people. 

The project started earlier this year when 40 of our volunteers were given intensive training by ZANACO. Chanda Nkhoma, Programme Coordinator for Restless Development in Zambia said:

"This unique training will help our Volunteer Peer Educators introduce the basics of personal finance to young people in a simple and accessible way. If young people across Zambia can improve their financial knowledge, we can acheive long-lasting behaviour change."

Over the course of this year, our volunteers will share their knowledge with 10,500 young Zambians. This will include 6000 school children, but also 4500 student teachers - equipping them with the ability to deliver financial literacy sessions to thousands more.

Young Zambians leading economic development

The feedback we've had from the programme so far has been hugely encouraging. Students said that they had a significantly better understanding of how to manage their money, that they now knew how to compile a budget, and that they had changed their spending habits as a result.

This partnership with ZANACO is a really exciting new venture, but at the heart of it is the same simple premise that guides all of our work: young people learn best from one another, and given the skills and opportunity, they can act a inspiring peer leaders.    

Over 80% of Zambians live on less than $2 a day, and the worsening economic situation is disproportionally affecting young people. By providing young Zambians with opportunities to build sustainable livelihoods, and combining this with our volunteer-led financial literacy training, we're putting young people at the forefront of Zambia's long-term economic development. 

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