Remembering Sir Kenneth Stuart

18 Dec 17
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In 1985 Sir Kenneth Stuart became a founding Trustee of Restless Development - formerly Students Partnership Worldwide.

From the outset Sir Kenneth helped shape our agency alongside his friend and our founder Jim Cogan OBE.

He continued as a Trustee for almost two decades and thereafter as a patron, using his influence and networks to advocate passionately about the power of young people to overcome major health challenges and diseases.

Sir Kenneth died on November 11, 2017. A memorial service is being held on December 18 in London, UK.

Catherine Stevens, International Director at Restless Development, said:

“Sir Kenneth was hugely influential at Restless Development, particularly in our early years, and worked passionately alongside our founder to champion young people in international development.

“As our patron, he continued to advocate for the power of young people to take on big challenges, especially in healthcare and medicine. He was a truly lovely man who changed things for the better wherever he worked and absolutely helped shape Restless Development into the agency it is today. We will be forever grateful.”

Sir Kenneth had a distinguished career as a doctor, lecturer, academic and adviser. He held positions including medical adviser to Commonwealth Secretariat, London; Professor and Head of Department of Medicine, University of the West Indies, Jamaica; consultant, University Hospital, Jamaica; and advisor to the Wellcome Trust.


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