Don't "Duck" your responsibilities, Chancellor!

10 Jul 15

Campaigners are calling on UK Government not to ‘duck their responsibilities’ and help secure a better financial deal for millions of people living in poverty worldwide.

FFD Campaigners outside Parliament

Campaigners from seven member organisations (Save the Children, VSO, Progressio, Restless Development, One, HelpAge International and Bond), of Action/2015 were outside the Treasury today calling on the UK Government to be ambitious in Ethiopia next week at the Financing for Development Conference (FFD); where it will be decided how to fund the future work needed to tackle growing challenges of inequality, extreme poverty and climate change.

Action/2015 wants  the UK Government to help improve the global financial system supporting strong action to crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance in different countries. World leaders can also take strong action on establishing better governed and more transparent taxation systems.

Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening will be attending the conference in Addis Ababa (13th – 16th July) as decisions on funding for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), could be met before they are agreed at the UN in September and a new climate change agreement reached in December.

Rachel Walker, Campaigns Coordinator at Restless Development said:

"Young people around the world are taking action to tackle extreme poverty, inequality and catastrophic climate change. The UK Government must not duck its responsibility to fight these problems - if we don't quack them then the world faces new global goals we can't afford."

The Action/2015 campaign draws together organisations worldwide in over 145 countries and supported by international campaigners such as Malala.

The UK has met its responsibilities on its international aid commitments. Campaigners are now calling on it to make the difficult decisions necessary to make international financial systems fairer and tackle tax injustice.

FFD Campaigners pose with

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