Youths influencing Uganda’s new Development Plan

18 Jul 14

On 11th July 2014, Restless Development coordinated a consultation to contribute to the development of Uganda’s new, five year National Development Plan (NDP II). It forms part of a broader stakeholder engagement process but was the first to focus on the youth sector. The consultation engaged representatives of the National Youth Working Group (NYWG), an informal platform chaired by Restless Development to promote increased coordination amongst the many organisations and institutions working with youth.

The NDP II is closely aligned to 'Vision 2040', Uganda’s strategy for achieving middle income status. It focuses on inclusive growth and identifies five pillars for achieving this. This includes prioritising key growth sectors mining, agriculture and tourism, as well as developing the human capital and infrastructure required. As highlighted during the consultation, harnessing the potential of young people will be critical to realising delivering on NDP II and achieving Vision 2040.

National Development Plan meetingHosted at VSO’s office in Kampala, the consultation was attended by representatives from NGOs, the Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, the UN and the private sector. It began with an informative presentation by the lead consultant working with the National Planning Authority and UNDP to review and propose strategies for addressing youth concerns. This was followed by a vibrant and open discussion. Contributions reflected the diversity of the NYWG membership and spanned each pillar in the NDP II. The consultation closed with a note of thanks by the consultant and a recommendation by the Chair and other NYWG members for continued consultation, including the opportunity to bring youth voices into this important process.

The NDP II will be finalised in September 2014 so that it can contribute to the budget process for 2015/16. Restless Development and the National Youth Working Group are committed to continuing to support this important process to ensure that youth concerns are best reflected and addressed.

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