Eva’s joy as thousands stand with her

16 Mar 16
International Tanzania

Eva smiling

 It's been just one month since Eva launched her campaign for clean water in her village, Malinzanga, in rural Tanzania - but already thousands of people around the world have chosen to stand with her.


Eva and her classmates often have to miss school to fetch water. Inspired by the commitment by world leaders to the Global Goals, including a specific goal on access to clean water and sanitation, they started a campaign to make sure their leaders delivered on these promises.

Now just one month in, over 120,000 people worldwide have signed her petition in solidarity.

There have been some big names signing the petition. In a visit to Restless Development’s offices in the UK, the UN Envoy for Youth Ahmad Alhendawi added his name.

Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Youth Envoy, with Restless Development

But perhaps more importantly, back in Tanzania, her political leaders are starting to listen too. At a community event in Malinzanga, the District Commissioner signed her petition. This is a big step towards all of her local leaders listening and responding to her and the community. They are now one step closer to making sure leaders keep their promise to deliver clean water - and one step closer to turning the Global Goals promises into reality.

 Eva with District Commissioner

 Now Eva is setting her sights even higher - aiming to get her MP and even the President to listen to her calls.

Remember there’s still time to add your voice to the growing movement supporting Eva and her classmates. If you haven’t already, sign the petition here.

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