25 Apr 16


On April 25th 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, killing over 8,000 people and injuring more than 21,000.

Villages were destroyed leaving houses and schools flattened. Today marks one year since the earthquake, we are highlighting the work that young people have led to rebuild their country.

Communities have worked tirelessly to help themselves and those affected in the year since the earthquake. Young people have led by example and have been an inspiration in supporting their communities in this effort.

Restless Development’s Youth-led Relief Response
Immediately following the earthquake Restless Development staff and volunteers responded. Working closely with government, our large network of young volunteers enabled communication with communities cut off by the earthquake, supporting with the delivery of emergency supplies and building shelters.

A Focus on Child Spaces and Education
As of March 2016, we have worked in 50% of all earthquake affected districts. With a focus on safe spaces for children and education, Restless Development has supported the development of emergency Child Friendly Spaces and Temporary Learning Centres across the country where schools have been destroyed. This has meant children returning to normality, fun and lessons almost immediately after the earthquake.

Recovery and Growth - reaching 120,000 students
We are expanding our work in schools across 10 districts (including 4 new districts) with a new partnership with UNICEF in 2016. The new partnership will result in an increase access to basic education for 120,000 students (including 65% girls), 5,750 peer educators and 1,600 teachers.


Hear from our Strategic Initiatives Manager on how the earthquake affected Nepal.

Perry Maddox, our COO, comments on how young people have been the ones to lead the rebuilding of infrastructure in Nepal.

Sudhai Rai, age 23, has recently become a team leader on the International Citizenship Service (ICS) programme in Nepal. Through volunteering she hopes to begin to build a future for her country after the earthquake. Here she gives her honest opinion on how the earthquake affected the people of Nepal.

To find out more about our youth-led response to the Nepal Earthquake, please visit here.





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