Making education happen in post-quake Nepal

21 Jul 15

Hattigauda, Nepal, hosts on of Restless Development’s Temporary Learning Centers. The TLCs have been built to help children continue to learn and play after the devastating effects of the recent earthquakes, which destroyed the majority of schools in the country.

We can concentrate on our studies because we feel very safe in the TLC. We feel safer in school than at home

- says a student from Dhurba Tara School.

TLC in NepalThe school has three Temporary Learning Centers with seven rooms including WASH facilities (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) for 600 children. The TLCs are set up in a public ground. The community had agreed to establish the TLCs upon the request of the school committee for the sake of the underprivileged students of this school where 18 rooms had been severely damaged by the quake. This TLC is an excellent example of what can be achieved when the community comes together to help each other. The earthquake, nevertheless, has united the community for the right to education for the children. It is because of their joint effort, the children have got the opportunity to continue their education in a safe and environment.

In July the Nepali Minister of Education, Chitralekha Yadav, visited the centre together with Deputy Mission Director of USAID and UNICEF. The Minister of Education made it a point that she visited each class, and observed the professionalism of the teachers and the learning environment. Importantly, the visitors got a chance to see that the TLCs have helped the students and children get back to their normal lives. Honorable Minister, Chitralekha Yadav believes that investment in youth drives the country towards change. She emphasised that education is the building block of a better country.

She is a reminder to everyone that when a girl is educated, she can make a significant difference no matter what the situation is. She has given a wakeup call to people in Nepal who had a stereotypical perception that women were not capable of leading the country.

She adds:

When we invest in youth, we invest in better future of the country.

Kid in TLC Nepal

Educated girls live longer, and their children are healthier and more likely to survive into adulthood. They are more likely to be literate, and when earning money they are more likely to reinvest it into their family. When we educate a girl, we raise a community out of poverty and we change the world.

Education is the most powerful weapon for all development. If the quality of the education improves, the country improves. If the quality of education deteriorates, the country deteriorates.

Nepal visitHer visit was valuable for the school and for Restless Development. The Minister appreciated Restless Development for a great contribution towards the education sector. We find pride and joy to see that our hard work in Emergency Education Response has been recognised from national to international level.

Restless Development Nepal welcomes a range of people and partners to visit the TLCs, where they can see the positive effects these spaces are having on children, our young volunteers, teachers and partners. The success of this programme is down to our well trained, and highly motivated, young volunteers. Restless Development's youth-led approach has been supported by the community and our partners, enabling us to continue to support many more youth in Nepal to take a lead in the post-quake recovery.

Nepal Minister visits TLC

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