International Youth Day 2017

12 Aug 17
Around the world

Another International Youth Day has come and (nearly) gone!

It’s been an amazing day, showcasing the strength of young people around the world and how we can unify to make positive change.

Globally, we launched the Youth Collective, which will unleash the power of youth-led change on a far bigger scale than that which we could achieve by ourselves. There’s still plenty of time to join us too!

We also launched a new video showing how our new strategy will help inform, influence and deliver global change.


In India, we celebrated the launch of the Youth Collective with inspiring young people in Bihar, Delhi and Tamil Nadu.

In Bihar, we had an interactive panel discussion, followed by a skit performed by our volunteers on experiences and challenges they face within their communities while they raise awareness on menstrual hygiene.

As our programme 'Making Periods Normal' comes to an end, we recognized their efforts in leading the programme in Munger and Bhagalpur.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, young people participated in a national consultation on 'Youth Building Peace' and in Tamil Nadu, our team and ICS alumni celebrated with around 80 nursing college students at our youth resource centres.

 In the UK, over 100 people attended our 'Unfiltered: Break out of your echo chamber' event, which helped smash the algorithms and encourage young activists to examine major issues of identity, politics, campaigning and foreign aid from new perspectives through interactive exhibitions, talks, discussions and videos.


Young people came together to advocate for change in South Africa.

 Sports was on the cards in Uganda, Nepal and Zambia!

The Nepal Restless Development team took top prize in a futsal tournament.

Meanwhile, the Zambia team held a sports day...

 ...with the Uganda team not far behind!

 Thank you to everyone who got involved - and if you want to join the Youth Collective, just click here.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.