We can beat AIDS, but It Ain’t Over.

01 Dec 16
Around the world International

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Thirty years ago, the world woke up to the threat of HIV & AIDS and began to fight back. On this World AIDS Day, the opportunity to make AIDS history is within our reach - but we are at risk of undoing all of our hard work.

That’s why Youth Power teamed up with Youth Stop AIDS to tell the world that It Ain’t Over.

Young people all over the world have been taking action to make sure our leaders know that we want them to make their promise to end AIDS by 2030 a reality. (Scroll down for images!).

Catriona Currie, Restless Development Campaign Manager, said:

“Young people have been at the heart of activism that has fought tooth and nail for the progress we have made today. New infections have fallen by 38% and progress in medicine means HIV no longer needs to be a death sentence - but we risk undoing all of our hard work.

“Last year, as part of the Global Goals process, our world leaders made a commitment to end AIDS altogether by 2030. We’re using the power of young people’s voice to make sure those promises become a reality.”

Tabitha Ha, Youth Stop AIDS’ Campaign Coordinator in the UK, added:

“AIDS is now the second biggest killer of young people in the world. In 2000 it wasn’t even in the top ten. Complacency is a killer and we’re here to tell the UK Government that it ain’t over.

“We know what we have to do. We have the tools and knowledge to meet our target of ending AIDS by 2030. But countries like the UK, which are looked to for political leadership, need to step it up and send a clear signal that HIV continues to be a top priority.”

We can beat AIDS, but It Ain’t Over.

Restless Development Zimbabwe joined in with the World AIDS Day celebrations :

zim wad 16

In the UK, campaigners warned the government against going back to 80s in fight against HIV:

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 While our India team made a stunning Red Ribbon tribute:

india tribute

india it aint over

Robbie told his story to Global Citizen, mentioning his 'brother' Brian, click here to read it:


Support came in from Czech Republic through our Global Youth Leader, Silvia Cannas:

silvia cannas

And our Tanzania and South Africa teams were both representing Youth Power on World AIDS Day:


 south africa wad


Find out more about Youth Power x Youth Stop AIDS It Ain’t Over campaign here.

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