30 Oct 17
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Restless Development has launched a new video series, created on behalf of USAID YouthPower Learning on ‘How and Why to Engage Young People in Development’. Making Cents International administered a grant to us under YouthPower Learning to create this series.

The video series aims to inspire, influence and inform those committed to Positive Youth Development and those interested in learning more about youth-led development.

The videos have been mainly created as training tools for the development sector - International Non-governmental Organizations, development firms, USAID and other funders. However if you are from a private social enterprise, or a young person yourself seeking to make change, you may find the videos useful as a guide to leading development in your community.

Filming in India

Young Women in India using mobile phones to share their stories as part of the series

The series highlights key initiatives led by young people working together with Restless Development. Each video includes young people’s perspectives on how and why to involve them in programming, and tips for doing so. Some videos in the series have been created by young people themselves in their countries.

“Using a video format was important so that youth could tell their story of engagement, highlighting the impacts of their involvement on themselves and their communities,” said YouthPower Learning’s Christy Olenik, co-Champion of the Youth Engagement Community of Practice and Vice President at Making Cents. “These videos are both informative and inspiring.”

Young women delivering a cloth making workshop in Tanzania, filmed as part of the series 

You can watch these videos in the order they appear, or they can be watched separately. Additionally, at the end of the playlist you’ll see three short teaser videos, these provide a snapshot of the three longer videos shot in Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Click here to watch the video series in full.

Follow this link to a playlist of versions of the videos which narrative audio descriptions to make the content accessible to the visually impaired.

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