International Women's Day round up

10 Mar 17
Around the world

On Wednesday we came out fighting for International Women's Day, telling leaders that we will make sure they keep their promise to achieve gender equality.

Youth Power campaigners stood together around the world to show that they will not put up with women being subjected to violence, being discriminated against, told what they can do with their bodies, or locked out of making decisions.

Here’s glimpse action taken on the day.

In Zimbabwe, campaigners took to the airwaves to call for gender equality.

In India, campaigners held a gender fair in Bihar and hosted a conversation between young people in schools, local stakeholders and government officials in Tamil Nadu.

Campaigners in South Africa marched in Mount Frere.

And campaigner Talent Mathuthu had an important message to share...

Youth Power partner Club UEMOA pour l'Intégration/Bénin held a dialogue with decision makers focusing on increasing access to education.

In Kenya, Youth Power partner OAY joined the regional football tournament for women which also raised awareness about the Global Goals.

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