Youth Power Green Week Roundup

18 Nov 16
Around the world


This week marked the Youth Power Green Week. Over 22 Youth Power Partners from 18 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA raised awareness of the effects of climate change and the threat it poses to the overall achievement of the Global Goals, (most notably Goal 13), and pushed world leaders to ratify and implement the ‘Paris Agreement’.

So what transpired across the globe?

Restless Development Hubs were stuck in with climate action talks, beach cleans, recycling missions and much more - as climate change is absolutely central to our Leadership goal (as one of the most pressing challenges of our time!).

In India, they were bleeding green! From Bihar to Delhi to Jharkhand to Tamil Nadu, they mobilised volunteers, young girls and boys from raising awareness of climate change and planting trees at youth resource centers, local schools and at their office.

In the UK, they had the incredible Climate Campaigners - 'The Last Half' - taking action throughout the week, from attending anti-fracking marches, to putting on their own creative day of action in London to a film screening of Before the Flood and a Green Week photo shoot.

In Tanzania all staff watched a video related to climate change and they mapped how climate change is already impacting globally what they can do about it in their country and in South Africa they held climate change sessions with young people.

Jemie Shrestha, a young girl in Nepal, wrote a performed a beautiful piece of spoken word on climate change. 

In Zimbabwe all staff participated in meat free monday, green-outfit wednesday and tree planting at the office on Friday!

In Zambia they planted trees and grass around the office and made individual commitments to reduce their individual carbon footprints and raised awareness in the rural community of Munyama. 

And of course our Partners, Global Leaders and Champions were not to be out done! They took action across the globe, meeting local leaders to push them to ensure that they keep the promise of Goal 13 and the Paris Agreement, and raised awareness among their peers.

See here, Maryam Masood, Youth Power Global Leader from VSO Pakistan planting trees for peace with young people in her community. 

And Club UEMOA pour l'Intégration from Bénin joined other Youth Power Champions, Global Leaders to raise awareness through various social media plartforms.

It was a great week full green actions across the globe! The Youth Power Global Campaign wants to create a world where young people build resilient and sustainable communities, where the agency of young people and communities is at the heart of both preventing and solving arising challenges and emergencies. Climate change is undisputedly one of the biggest emerging crises of our time, and the root cause of many humanitarian emergencies which pushed us to mobilise the world through the Youth Power Green Week!

For more updates from around the world, follow the #YouthPower #GreenWeek hashtags.

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