Dare to live your dreams - the young man who set up his own ICT business

02 Aug 18

Raymond has always been determined to start his own business. His journey began in 2013 when he joined one of our life skills training courses, at St Peter's New Church in Mbare, Zimbabwe. During the two day training, 50 young people, including 23 year old Raymond, learnt how to start a profitable and sustainable business.

Raymond’s group proposed setting up a printing company, since in their neighborhood people have to travel over fifteen kilometers to print, scan or bind anything. This has a big impact on children in the area who need textbooks for school. They decided to target their repair services to schools, as they knew many of them had textbooks that were no longer usable.

We had a market and as a team we were passionate about design and ICT, so we took advantage of this and submitted our project with confidence.

Raymond, Zimbabwe

They managed to secure funding which enabled them to buy a desktop computer, a scanner, and a binding and laminating machine to kick start their business. With the help of Restless Development, they also built a shed to operate out of at Raymond's house. However, they struggled to make enough money to register the company. In 2015, having finished his degree in computer science and with the help of Mr Benmore Muchina, a former CEO for Opportunity Bank in Malawi, Raymond founded a company called FOLD STRAW with his two friends, Keensly Mutshawaya and Clemence Chiwura. FOLD STRAW delivers network systems and other Information Communications Technology (ICT) services to companies and schools around the country.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength. Raymond puts this down to his loyal staff who are committed to making a difference in the ICT world. He also has plans to open a branch in Bulawayo and Mozambique before spreading to the rest of southern Africa.
Raymond has confidence in himself and his business and believes other young people should do too,

Thanks to Restless Development, I pursued my dreams despite what my situation was telling me. To all young people with dreams, go ahead and pursue them, you can do it too. 

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