Restless Development launches Waffle On partnership

23 Mar 18

Restless Development will take over one of London's most popular food stalls as part of a new partnership with Waffle On.

Waffle On was launched in 2012 with one goal, to make the best freshly baked waffles on the streets of London. A mainstay of Maltby Street Market since then, Waffle On has grown, trading all over the UK and even won their first waffle battle in Southern California in 2016.

Evolving from market life, Waffle On now caters at the UK’s best festivals and events, while also hired for pop-up service at media companies, financial institutions in The City and even on set at major film studios.

Their signature buttermilk waffles are mixed by hand and known for their ability to swing both ways, with either a sweet or a savoury topping.

These versatile waffles feed thousands every week from breakfast to midnight snack with an array of fun and imaginative combinations - including their iconic Asian spiced slow-roasted shredded duck with fragrant plum sauce, irresistible Southern fried spicy buttermilk chicken with maple syrup butter to the indulgent thick Belgian chocolate sauce with strawberries and Chantilly cream.

Everything is made in-house using the best ingredients supplied by local producers many of whom are organic and biodynamic certified because good food means more than just tasting fantastic.

Critically-acclaimed by Elle, Zagat, Time Out, The Observer and named as London’s Best Waffle by The Evening Standard, the company's success has been built on the energy, enthusiasm and togetherness of the young team at Waffle On.

Its co-founder Eddie Ruffett wanted to channel this spirit and make a positive impact on their lives and the lives of other young people.

He said: “After searching for the right association, we are proud to announce a partnership with Restless Development.

"Local networks built from the bottom up, setting their own goals to effect change and empower the next generation of leaders.”

Waffle On will work with Restless Development providing volunteers, campaigning, raising money and awareness.

Eddie added: “The payback for us, is that my team has an amazing opportunity for personal growth, to build confidence, develop skills and broaden their experiences by joining this exciting movement.”

Laura Woodhouse, Senior Fundraising Manager for Restless Development, added: "We are so excited to take over the Maltby Market stall as part of our new partnership with Waffle On.

"It has been a delight to work with Eddie and his team so far, and we look forward to more innovative projects with them in the future!"

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