GBx Partners with Restless Development for Positive Change in 2018!

06 Feb 18

We are proud to announce that Restless Development is partnering with GBx for positive change in 2018!

GBx Global, a private network of British entrepreneurs based in the Bay Area, will work with us as their new partner  to help us unleash the power of young people to change our world.

"We were struck by the entrepreneurial skills and the spirit these young people demonstrate in making an enormous impact." -GBx Global

The GBx network believe in the power of entrepreneurship to help shape the future of young people. David, a young leader from Uganda pictured below, was jobless in 2008 until he joined a Restless Development training program and learned valuable entrepreneurship skills. After finishing the program he started his own fishing business and today his business has grown to 20 boats with 40 nets! GBx will be featuring stories of our young leaders like David on their blog throughout the year. 


"GBx will be sharing stories of enterprising young people working with Restless Development – we find their drive and impact inspiring and hope you will too."

If you would like to hear more about charity partnerships with Restless Development and how your organization can get involved please contact Anna Tyor,

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