UK Government's new youth agenda: 'a landmark moment'

12 Apr 16
International UK


Yesterday, the Department For International Development (DFID) published its Youth Agenda - their plan for how young people will be put at the heart of development. Don’t mistake it for just another PDF on a website. This is a landmark moment for the young people around the world. And here’s why...

1. A big commitment from a big player

DFID are one of the biggest influencers, thought-leaders and donors in international development. When they act, the development world listens. But this time, they listened to young people first. So now the world is listening to young people. Watch this space for other big players in the development world to make commitments on youth and put them at the heart of their work.

2. By young people, for young people

Restless Development has been involved since the beginning. What we’re most proud of is that this agenda has come from months of listening to what young people think about development and how best to solve some of our biggest problems. From an Online Conversation between young people on the Global Goals, to DFID’s first Youth Summit in London back in September, to taking the first official Youth Delegates to the United Nations summit which launched those Goals, or the Youth Summit in Zambia, thousands of you have told DFID why and how you believe young people can be at the heart of development.

3. It builds on what young people are ALREADY doing

DFID’s Youth Agenda is built on evidence. Young people have already shown what happens when development is put in their hands. It reels off examples such as the youth-led humanitarian responses in Sierra Leone and Nepal, through to youth-accountability projects in Uganda. Young people are taking action and it’s already proving the case for them to take a lead role in development.

4. This is YOUR accountability tool

So, use it. DFID have committed to deliver this agenda. And they want young people to be involved in making sure that happens – keeping up momentum and helping these promises become reality.

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5. Because Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, said:

“I believe in the power of young people to be a force for good in the world. I see this all the time; in my constituency in Putney, in communities across the UK and around the world - young people are stepping up to really make a difference. That’s why last year I committed that the Department for International Development would change the way that we do things, by putting young people at the heart of our development approach."

Download DFID's Youth Agenda.


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