UK Government urged to get behind new global agreement

04 Dec 15

Youth Stop AIDS marked World AIDS Day (Tues 1 Dec) in London by calling on the UK Government to get behind a new global agreement on the way we produce new medicines - a move that could improve the lives of millions of people that live with HIV & AIDS.

The newly launched ‘Missing Medicines’ campaign argues that the system for developing new medicines, known as the Research and Development system, is failing. It limits competition and innovation, meaning that vital drugs are either too expensive or simply ‘missing’ for the people that need them.Youth Stop AIDS campaigners celebrate

Saoirse Fitzpatrick, Advocacy Manager at partner organisation STOPAIDS, said:

“New treatments for HIV can be over $20,000 in some countries and we still don’t have appropriate drugs to treat people living with TB, the biggest killer of people living with HIV.”

To fix this failing system a new global agreement has been proposed by a working group of the World Health Organisation (WHO). This proposed agreement will be discussed at a global meeting in Geneva early next year (March 2016) and Youth Stop AIDS is urging the UK government to support it.

Tabitha Ha, Youth Stop AIDS Campaign Co-ordinator, said:

“Never before has there been an opportunity like this to fix our global system. If we pull this off, we could save millions of lives by helping them get the medicines they need. We believe that reforming our system for developing new medicines could be the key to ending AIDS by 2030 and urge the UK Government to support this new global agreement.”

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