What a #YouthPower Hackathon looks like in 9 posts

14 Aug 15

So, in case you hadn't heard, it was International Youth Day this week (Wednesday 12th August) and Restless Development, along with action/2015 youth, went big on the theme of #YouthPower.

Having coordinated around 100 events worldwide, involving over 70 countries and an estimated 100,000 young people, the UK team set up base at Google Campus London and tasked itself with amplifying all of our collective voices in a hackthon - or 'hacktion' as we branded it. This meant that as thousands of young people across the world tweeted used the #YouthPower hashtag, we used all the latest technology - green screens, photoshop, video editing - to help carry the message even further.

Here are some highlights of the day:  

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