Queen’s Honours: OBE for Restless Development’s CEO Nik Hartley

12 Jun 15

In the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours an OBE has been awarded to Nik Hartley, CEO of Restless Development - the youth-led international development agency - for services to young people.

Nik Hartley, Restless Development's CEO

Nik Hartley joined Restless Development in 1999, and was appointed Chief Executive in 2011. On receiving the OBE, Nik said:

For 30 years, Restless Development has only ever had one aim – to give young people the opportunity and platform to become leaders of change, locally and globally. I am extremely proud to receive this honour on behalf of them, and the thousands of staff and tens of thousands of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this agency such an inspiring success.

Read Nik’s personal reflection on how this award recognises “the work of thousands of youth and an era of ‘Peak Youth’” in his blog.

Restless Development is a values-led agency and we emphasise celebrating the achievements of all of those in our network. We have our own ‘honours list’ of ten Values Champions from around the world, nominated by their peers as living the Restless Development Values and championing youth-led development every day.

Ahmad Alhendawi, Youth Envoy for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, said:

Nik Hartley has demonstrated both superior leadership skills and a remarkable sense of values. This prestigious award for a trailblazer and demonstrated leader in youth work is also acknowledging the youth sector and giving a strong message for young leaders working for youth development around the world.

Ben Jackson, Chief Executive of Bond, the membership body for international development organisations in the UK, said:

Nik has provided strong leadership within the wider development community – for example through pressing the NGO community to make more innovative use of Big Data to empower young people and improve the impact of development projects, and his championing of listening to youth voices in development in this country and abroad.

Zainab Bangura, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Sexual Violence in Conflict, said:

While many organisations work to alleviate the many numerous problems the world faces, Restless Development seeks to deal with the future by creating societies that can deal with old problems and prevent new ones. Mr. Hartley’s long service and leadership has been instrumental in the vision, design and impact of Restless Development.

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