Power, rights and participation; a practical guide

22 May 15

We are launching a new practical guide to power, rights and participation in the context of the post-2015 process alongside Actionaid, British Youth Council and Plan UK. The content is adaptable to suit different levels of knowledge and familiarity with the issues, and local, national or international level advocacy.

Power, rights and participation
The aim is for strengthened advocacy skills particularly in relation to governance in the post-2015 context. Young people will be empowered to influence the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at their national level in the years to come. We hope that participants will also go on to lead similar workshops with peers.
Feedback from participants in a pilot workshop held in Johannesburg in March 2015:

“I got more knowledge and skills with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals, and also the tools that can be used for advocacy. The clarity of the information and how it was broken down for young people was very well put. In addition, the sessions were informal and this made it easy to talk about these issues from my perspective and in my own context. This made me feel like I was a part of the process and that I was making valuable contributions.”

“The main aspect that I took away from this workshop is the knowledge and the skills on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals in general. In addition, it gave me the confidence to facilitate my own workshop and this is something that I had the opportunity to test out upon my return. I was asked to facilitate a workshop on the SDGs and it was very successful because of the capacity-building workshop.”

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