From the Bahamas to China: 19 young researchers begin an innovative research and advocacy project

28 Apr 15

As part of our Case for Space project , we will be working with 19 talented young researchers from around the globe to try and answer the following question:

“What is the enabling environment (necessary conditions and structures) that ensures children and young people have access to their rights, can influence decisions, and have improved livelihoods?”

To kick-off, the 19 young researchers will be meeting at the Global Young Researchers Lab in Berlin, Germany, later this week. Taking inspiration from a traditional “laboratory”, the Global Young Researchers Lab will provide space for new, innovative and experimental ideas in the area of youth research and advocacy. 

This 5-day seminar aims to support each of the researchers to develop a methodology for the regional-level research they will lead in the coming months.

You can read about Brian’s motivation for participating in his blog here. Brian is a young person from Uganda currently working on mainstreaming youth in the African Union’s Mission on Ebola and has previously worked with UNAIDS and the WHO. Find out more about his perspective on how ‘peerness’ in research can make a difference.

What is the Case for Space project all about?

The forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals offer a generational opportunity to assert that young people can, and should be, at the heart of development. However, our analysis and experience is that current conditions are mostly disenabling of young people’s participation and young people continue to face particular conditions of marginalisation and vulnerability. We believe that to address this there is a need for a ‘Case for Space’: an evidence-based argument of the added value that will be delivered for development and governance by youth action, rooted in an analysis of what presently works, what current constraints are, and how constraints can be overcome.

The Case for Space is a research and advocacy project commissioned by Restless Development, War Child and Youth Business International and is being implemented in partnership with Youth Policy LabsThe first phase of the project will produce a high-profile piece of research and analysis, using an innovative, youth-led methodology. From September 2015, we will move onto the second phase of the project and will use the findings from the research to support us and the youth sector to both influence policy and ensure quality practice in youth development.

Who are the young researchers?

Our partners Youth Policy Labs are implementing the research phase of the Case for Space and have selected 19 young researchers from 12 sub-regions the world, who bring a wealth of experience and skills in the areas of youth journalism, working with young people and conducting research. 


"Soha Mohamed Osman is a researcher in the international development field through her work with UNDP as well as a number of other local and international NGOs. Her research addresses the dynamics of collective action and urban governance in the Arab region." 

Jake Soriano

"Jake Soriano is a journalist from the Philippines, Jake reports in-depth on peace and conflict, the environment, and social protection for persons with disabilities including youth and children. He loves world cinema, poems about strange animals, and tennis matches on TV. He has covered a human trafficking rescue operation, a typhoid outbreak, and bogus nonprofits defrauding the government of billions in public funds."

Click here to find out who the other Global Young Researchers are and where they come from. These young researchers will be supported to gather data (between May and July 2015) to inform the final global advocacy report, which we hope to launch in September 2015.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and stories from our researchers at the Global Young Researchers Labs by following the hashtag #case4space on Twitter and checking out our project website:

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