Restless Volunteers speak up at Westminster event

10 Mar 15

On Monday, Restless Development campaigners met top officials in Westminster, calling on them to act now against poverty and climate change, as part of the Action/2015 campaign.

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Shazmin Khusal, Matt Southgate, Jessica Gray and Sarah Kirby - all returned volunteers from the International Citizen Service - were among a group of young people who met government ministers to tell them which issues they should be campaigning for on the global stage.

Their efforts come ahead of two crucial summits in September and December this year, at which new development goals and environmental targets will be set until 2030, to tackle issues such as HIV and aids, poverty, inequality and climate change.


Although nervous, I was vocal about my volunteering experiences, raising issues about gender and education in Tanzania, as well as covering points on tax and governance. 

 - Shazmin Khusal, Restless Development Campaigner

Campaigners engaged in lengthy discussions with ministers and government officials, including Minister Baroness Northover, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for International Development; and delegates from the Department for International Development, and The Department for Energy and Climate Change.


Our group of campaigners show the growing movement of young people pushing for ambitious change in the world. In this crucial year, in which world leaders will shape humanity and the planet’s future, the voices of half its population can’t go unheard. 

 - Rachel Walker, Campaign Coordinator at Restless Development

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