Ending Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage within a generation

22 Jul 14

Restless Development is joining young people, civil society organisations, and governments from around the world at the first Girl Summit held in the UK to help bring an end to Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage within a generation. Follow the hashtag #GirlSummit to see all the activity from the Summit and beyond.

  • Girls have the right to...Restless Development volunteers have played a key role in the Summit, including being on the Youth Panel for the #YouthForChange event and the reference group for the Summit itself, and asking delegates and people everywhere to tell us what “Girls Have The Right To…”
  • Restless Development has made our commitment to the Girl Summit: “We will have 2,014 young people in eight countries across Africa and Asia lead 232,300 of their peers to show that development led by girls and young women can claim their education, safety, and the right to be heard.”
  • Restless Development has signed the Girls Summit Charter on Ending FGM and Child, Early and Forced Marriage, declaring that

“No one should be forced into marriage, or made to marry while still a child. No girl or woman should have to endure the physical and psychological effects of female genital mutilation.

These practices violate the fundamental rights of all girls and women to live free from violence and discrimination. Such violations not only harm individual girls; by undermining girls’ ability to make their own
choices and reach their full potential, they also diminish the strength of families, communities and society.

So today, we commit to work together to end child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, for girls and women, everywhere, forever.”


 Girls have the right to...

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