New Sierra Leone Programme Launched

24 Mar 14
“Freetown Urban Slum Initiative” PROGRAMME LAUNCHED

The “Pull Slum Pan Pipul” or “Freetown Urban Slum Initiative” Programme partners, a consortium of five non-governmental organizations (Restless Development, Youth Development Movement (YDM), BRAC Sierra Leone, CODOHSAPA, and Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)) on Thursday, March 13th, 2014, launched the project at the Atlantic Hall National Stadium in Freetown.

The “Pull Slum Pan Pipul” Programme is a Comic Relief (a UK-based international charity organization) Four Cities Initiative that seeks to address the growing challenges of slum growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2012, after a scoping survey of cities across Africa, four cities were selected including Freetown (Sierra Leone), Kampala (Uganda), Lusaka (Zambia) and Cape Town (South Africa) as intervention areas. In Freetown, five organizations were selected as direct implementing partners and grantees after successfully submitting proposals. These five successful grantees came together to form the “Freetown Urban Slum Initiative” or "Pull Slum Pan Pipul" Programme as a means of strengthening collaboration and maximizing use of resources and creating impactful results.

The project seeks to improve the livelihood and health of people leaving in twenty six slum communities in Freetown through savings and loans schemes, and sexual and reproductive health sessions with specific focus on sexual and gender-based violence. The project also aims at influence government and other stakeholders in formulating policies that will empower young people in these communities.

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