'Co-creation' workshop to inspire public action

21 Mar 14

Storytelling is powerful – it can bring people together, open our minds, and make us see differently. We believe stories can change the world.

On the 22nd of March Restless Development together with VSO will have our first ever Co-Creation workshop under the guidance of co-creation agency Bright Young Minds. Co-Creation is a process which places value in different experiences and perspectives. Volunteers from both agencies will come together in this innovative way to help work out how we can make the most of stories of change and turn them into positive action.

This workshop will be followed up by an online community, which is a virtual place for volunteers to help further develop a strategy and test the ideas which emerge from the Co-Creation workshop. If you would to be involved with the Co-Creation process, it is not too late! You can register for the online community by following this link.

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