Nepal's "Adolescent Charter" Launch

16 Sep 13

In 2015 a new framework for global development priorities will be introduced. Young people will see the impact of this new framework and are the people who will be held accountable for its implementation.

In Nepal, about 50% of the population are under 25 years of age. As part of the post 2015 process, consultations have been held with organisations and individuals to establish priorities of different groups and different regions of Nepal. The consultations aimed to provide space for the Nepali Adolescents and Youth to discuss their specific issues, to propose solutions and envisage the world they want after 2015. The consultations allowed for the participants to raise their local issues and concerns that sought attention and a way for them to be addressed. It provided local people with an opportunity to ensure their voices would be heard while the drafting of the Post 2015 framework takes place.

From these consultations the “Nepali Adolescents and Youth Charter on Post-2015 Agendas” has been produced, reflecting the outcomes of the consultations with young people in Nepal. The charter was officially presented to the vice-chair of the National Planning Committee (NPC) as part of a celebratory launch event, organised by UNFPA, UNICEF and ourselves on 9th September 2013.

Nepal Country Director, Ravindra Shakya

The programme was designed and hosted by Restless Development’s youth and adolescents who presented the charter and skits, songs and dances. Over 150 participants attended the event covering policy makers, donors, development agencies, civil society members, press and the youth from different districts of the countries who participated in the consultations.

A skit was performed at the event by young people which showcased the major findings of the consultations themselves. The young participants told the story of two Nepali families, with one being well off and the other poor, and the contrast between those two families’ life-style, opportunities, facilities and struggle. The skit was able to paint the underlying issues, problems and barriers the majority of Nepalese families and communities face that needs immediate intervention.

Adolescent Charter Skit Performance

At the closing of the event, the delegates expressed their commitment to incorporating the Youth Charter within their plans for the Post 2015 framework. Vice-Chair of the National Planning Committee, Dr. Rabindra Kumar Shakya gave assurance that NPC would acknowledge the Charter as a reference document while drafting development plans and programs. He assured attendees at the event that he intended to present the adolescent charter and report in the upcoming UN General Assembly.


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