Award for ‘Leadership in Youth Sector Development in Nepal’

13 Aug 13

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has decorated us with the Award for our ‘Leadership in Youth Sector Development in Nepal’. This is the first ever award conferred by the Ministry to any INGO operating in Nepal.

International Youth Day 2013 in Nepal

In the Award certificate, the Ministry has highlighted our ‘invaluable contribution and leadership in youth sector development’, commended for our ‘outstanding roles both at national and grassroots level to execute national youth policy’ and has highly appraised our ‘strategic partnership with MoYS and our role in strengthening their systems and capacities’.

Our Country Programme Director Ravindra Shakya was called by the Secretary of MoYS last week to congratulate our work; he also requested our support for International Youth Day on August 12th 2013.

We will now be involved in drafting joint proposals with the Ministry of Youth and Sports for more projects in order to develop more projects and empower young people in Nepal.

The whole Nepal team is thrilled with these developments and so is the whole Restless Development family!


International Youth Day 2013 in Nepal

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