Joe's IF Campaign Experience

26 Jun 13


I believe that if people come together as one for the same cause that benefits everyone then anything can be achieved. I am going to give my own views on the Enough Food IF campaign and why I got involved. IF logo


I first became involved with IF earlier this year 2013. I was told it was to fight world hunger. I have met so many people who can’t get food I certainly wanted to get involved any way I could. I was a bit pessimistic to begin with as I was told that we would be having a paint fight in London for a promotional video. I knew this would look amazing but I had a feeling it would just be one of a million campaigns not really moving forward. By the end of the day I had met some incredible young people all willing to make change in the same way I wanted. I found that it was all about bringing people together for one voice.

The next big event in London was to do with the budget. IF wanted George Osborne to keep his promise and spend 0.7% of our national income on life saving aid. I did not attend this event but I was texting and tweeting to find out how the event was going and was very much still in the loop. It was not till that evening I really saw how big IF was becoming. I was watching News Night on TV and they were discussing the day’s event. I could not help but give a bit of a smile knowing my friends were there making positive change and that I was involved.

IF Campaigners

The most recent event was 8th June 2013 in sunny Hyde Park also a very successful event. 45,000 people all came together to show David Cameron and the rest of G8 we mean business and how we want change today. We had many celebrities come give speeches such as, Danny Boyle, David Harewood, Bill Gates, Dan Roche and even a video message from David Beckham. There were 250,000 flowers made and placed forming the IF logo and each petal represented a child that goes hungry or worse each day. There were also many smaller victories. I was helping on the Restless Development stall. We were spreading the word of how youth can get involved in making change. The team and I that day got many young people interested and signed up for more information to join International Citizen Service (ICS). We got older people involved too by painting small IF logos on people’s faces and arms.

IF flower installation


We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.