Youth letter to the UN

24 May 13
India International

Youth organisations from across the world

have been working to ensure that young people’s

perspectives and youth issues are included into the post-

2015 development framework.


In a joint letter to the UN High-Level Panel of eminent persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, youth organisations and advocates have called for a transformative agenda to bring about sustainable development. The letter sets out the areas young people want to see prioritised in the next set of global development goals. It urges the panel to encourage the United Nations to adopt an ambitious agenda that sees young people as full and equal partners in development across all future goals. It calls for improved monitoring of the global development framework and action on employment, governance, education and other key issues affecting young people.

This letter is the culmination of:

-       High Level Panel roundtable discussions with young people in London, Monrovia and Bali.

-       Over 50 National-level consultations with highly diverse groups of young people.

-       An online platform offering an interactive space for following and inputting into the youth-led conversation on post-2015. 


As well as being able to agree a very strong and clear letter from such a diverse population, these innovative and varied collaborations have added strength and depth to the existing global conversation that young people are engaging in on what development can and must look like beyond the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015

The letter, developed by the Beyond 2015 Children and Youth Working Group and the Major Group for Children and Youth, is signed by a diverse range of organisations who prioritise youth in development including those with a global reach and those operating at the national and local level.

We hope the High Level Panel will seriously consider these recommendations when drafting the final version of their report to be released on Friday 31st May.

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