Zombie attack in Brussels!

22 Apr 13

Monday 8th April saw the Student Stop AIDS Campaign come together with activists and organisations from across Europe to take part in a zombie flash-mob outside the European Parliament. Accompanied by students, Return ICS Volunteers, stop aids alumni, and new activists to the cause, we travelled by mini-van to Brussels, rehearsing late into the night for the big day. We were joined by activists from Oxfam, MSF, Act Up Paris and even an MEP, Carl Schlyter.

EU Zombie Flash Mob


On Tuesday morning, 40 activists transformed to become 40 walking dead European trade negotiators, staggering through the streets of Brussels, to our destination – the European Parliament. Swooping in, we seamlessly broke into the Thriller dance, (as all good zombies do) – to the surprise of MEPs and civil servants alike.

 Europe's zombie attack on affordable medicines


We brought a clear message: the EU must stop attacking the supply of affordable medicines developing countries, with its aggressive trade policies – that never die! We were particularly highlighting the EU-India Free Trade agreement, which is in its last stages of negotiations as we speak.


We had great press coverage, including, Spanish TV, Green EU news, and even an article in the Financial Times! The EU are now planning to hold a press summit to put their case forward – so we certainly got noticed!


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