Young people out in full force in Bali

10 Apr 13

Young people were more visible than ever at the 4th and final meeting of the High Level Panel in Bali on 25th March, with over 100 young people in attendance and many more contributing virtually. This official invitation for such strong youth participation was a positive sign underlining that young people are now recognised as key stakeholders in the post-2015 process.

Bali Group PhotoRestless Development, together with a Youth Working Group led by Indonesian Future Leaders, recruited and supported a diverse group of young people to take part, especially young people from Latin America who have been less visible in the process so far. This was particularly productive for mapping out and linking up the different actions being taken by the youth sector at the national and regional levels on post-2015. 

Building on previous conversations with panelists at the London and Monrovia meetings which looked at development efforts at the household and national levels, youth participants embraced the Bali meeting’s theme of ‘Global Partnerships and Means of Implementation’. The full-day preparation session prior to the youth roundtable with panelists allowed participants to consolidate their ideas on young people’s role in facilitating global partnerships and their involvement in the means of implementation.

The meeting’s focus was particularly relevant, as governance has proved to be a key priority in the post-2015 youth consultations that have been carried out globally. Young people have stated that in their experience, without good governance it is doubtful that any other development commitments can be achieved. The conversation on how to work with different partners to ensure development commitments are implemented, offered a great opportunity for young people to contribute solutions on how best to put words into practice.

Young people as monitors for development and accountability

A key area of focus for the youth roundtable was accountability. Participants highlighted the fact that young people can and should be effective monitors in development, with an important role to play in data collection and analysis to ensure all stakeholders are fully accountable for their post-2015 commitments.

Another key issue for young people regarding monitoring and accountability is the disaggregation of data. Youth participants in the Bali meeting suggested that each thematic goal should have youth-specific indicators. Therefore both qualitative and quantitative data should be disaggregated and analysed by sex and age to reflect the reality for all vulnerable groups.

Panelists responded well to the comments and solutions presented by youth participants on these issues. In fact, the High Level Panel’s focus on ‘data availability and better accountability in measuring process’ laid out in their official Bali communiqué gives us hope that young people’s role within this will be recognised and supported.

The road after Bali

Bali Group Huddle

It is important to remember that whilst this may be the last international meeting of the high level panel before they release their report in May 2013, the post-2015 process will continue to develop over the next 2 years. In a strategy workshop, hosted by Restless Development after the official HLP meeting, youth participants mapped out key activities, and advocacy approaches to take forward at the national, regional and international levels.

The overarching message to come out of this workshop was that we must continue to work in partnership to maintain the impressive momentum generated by young people across the globe on post-2015. This is the best way to ensure the process remains participatory and the final framework reflects the ambitious asks of the youth sector and civil society more broadly.

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