Youth Voices: The Results Are In!

21 Mar 13

“We see a world that values diversity, environmental sustainability and active participation by all citizens. A world that operates an economic system based on fairness and equality, where everyone feels safe and has access to basic services such as health and education and where the standards of those services are high no matter what people’s background or economic situation. No young person in this world would be excluded or marginalised because of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. Young people in this world are incorporated into decision making processes and given access to the levers of power regardless of their background.”

Youth Voices on a Post-2015 World – Vision for the future

Youth Voices - Front CoverRestless Development have been working in partnership across 12 countries worldwide to gather the voices of young people on their perspectives on a post-2015 world: Together, we have aimed to collect a united youth voice that is visionary, inspiring and that tackles the root causes of poverty and inequality, ensuring a sustainable development framework for future generations.

Youth Voices on a Post-2015 World’ is the result of youth consultations that were run in 12 countries globally from October 2012 to January 2013 to understand young people’s views on what should come after the Millennium Development Goals. 346 young people were given the space to discuss the local and global issues of importance to them, and articulate their visions and solutions for a world beyond 2015.

Delivered through a global network of 14 youth-led and youth-focused partners, these consultations have engaged diverse groups of young people rarely present in global or national policy-making processes. We are confident that this innovative collaboration has provided a depth of analysis and understanding rarely seen; offering access and insight on the world that young people want, and showing that young people can and must be a leading part of the solution.

How We’ve Worked
In October 2012, Restless Development hired a Youth Consultant to design a Consultation Toolkit. This Toolkit has been designed to facilitate a range of country partners working on youth issues to carry out national-level consultations with a diverse group of young people. Country consultations then took place throughout December 2012 in 12 countries (Sierra Leone, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, The Philippines, Colombia, Kenya, India, Nepal, the UK, Romania, Croatia and Tanzania). An online platform was then launched in January 2013 at to act as the go-to for both the youth consultation outputs and as a broader interactive platform for following the youth-led conversation on post-2015.

Following input from over 850 young people online and in the national workshops, Restless Development then led an analysis workshop in February 2013 with participants who had taken part in the consultations, to ensure a participatory approach to the whole research process. The results of this analysis workshop have been collated into this global report, which is has been launched ahead of the final meeting of the UN High Level Panel on post-2015 in Bali on 25th march 2013.

Next Steps
Moving forward, we will be working to ensure that the priorities identified throughout the youth consultations will be heard by, and have a direct impact on, the UN process to identify a post 2015 framework for development. We will also be supporting young people on the ground to take action for development in their own communities, and to engage their local decision makers to be accountable and listen to, the youth voice for development.

Both the Youth Consultations Toolkit and the project report entitled “Youth Voices on a Post-2015 World” are available for download from

Restless Development has led on the delivery of the post-2015 youth consultation project on behalf of the DFID CSO Youth Working Group. This project was funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.

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