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28 Nov 12

This World AIDS Day (1st December 2012) marks a critical moment in the global HIV response. We have made so much progress since HIV was first identified over 30 years ago. However, if we slow up now, all of these efforts might have been in vain. So the Student Stop AIDS Campaign at Restless Development is working in partnership with the UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development to ask the UK Government: Why Stop Now?

A tipping point in the HIV and AIDS epidemic is now within our reach. All it takes is for governments like the UK to invest sufficient funds smartly, in the right interventions for the right people. If we scale up the response now, and see that tipping point passed, we can save billions in future investments and countless lives. We need a blueprint for UK leadership in achieving a generation where no one dies of AIDS, no one newly acquires HIV, and where the rights of all people living with HIV are upheld.

This World AIDS Day, we are calling on the UK government to announce that they will develop a blueprint, mapping how they will lead the HIV response both in the UK and globally, on 1st December.

So far, the campaign has hundreds of online sign-ups and actions, but there are still so many ways that you can get involved and show your support!

  1. Join the conversation on Twitter using #WhyStopNow and @StopAIDS. 
  2. Get your friends and family to sign the online petition at www.whystopnow.org.

For HIV and AIDS, we have come too far to turn back now. You can make a difference - so let your voice be heard!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch:

Email: kates@restlessdevelopment.org

Tel: 0207 808 1782

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