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02 Nov 12
As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are due to expire, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, President Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia and President Yudhoyono of Indonesia have been asked by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to co-chair the High Level Panel on post-MDG agenda. Together, they will lead a process to start identifying a new international framework for development when the current MDGs expire in 2015. As part of the panel meeting from 31 October to 2 November, Restless Developmen brought youth voices to the table, to ensure that they are heard and meaningfully integrated in a post-MDG framework.

We know that young people are a vital asset in the formulation and leadership of any new commitments to global development and tackling poverty worldwide. 
The event ‘Young Leaders, Young voices’ took place on 2nd November 2012 in London, and was an opportunity for the UN High Level Panel to interact with youth and better understand development through the eyes of the world’s largest demographic bar none. The event gave young people an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the context faced by their generation and offer practical and relevant input to the post 2015 process. The session stimulated a lively discussion and encouraged meaningful and effective exchange between global leaders and young people in the process going forwards. 
The session outline:
1.     Make the case that young people, as the largest demographic bar none, will be the difference between the success and failure of any global commitments made. They have the agency to be the banner carriers of development and will be so if included in the actioning and guardianship of any agreed goals.  

2.     Discuss and identify youth’s perspective on the London 2012 household poverty theme - health, education and jobs and livelihoods.

Members of the High Level Panel will join 23 young people aged 19 – 26 from the Global North and South that have been selected through an open and competitive international recruitment process led by Restless Development. Each participant brings knowledge and expertise in development, the post- 2015 agenda, and/or experience of poverty, marginalisation and vulnerability. Participants will be sharing their own expertise and experiences of innovative, youth-led interventions to tackle household poverty.

Key Highlights from the session:

'#Post2015HLP "The panel should be vigilant to view youth as a solution, not a problem." #youthvoices #post2015 @YouthPost2015'
'Gary Conille, envoy for Pres Johnson Sirleaf, endorses idea of a #youth observer to #post2015HLP!'
'Young people not only have a right to participate in this process but a duty'

From the civil society dialogue with the High Level Panel:

Ravi, our youth delegate from India says: "we need to address livelihoods issues using young ppl as a resource and providing funding to start new business."

'Tawakel Kaman thanking youth #delegate Michelle on her comments on corruption and good governance! @YouthPost2015 #youthvoices @post2015hlp'

'Amoussouga 'Young ppl told us today creating jobs is helping them create jobs, this is so important, this is their future'

'Michelle 'we need to be transparent and address corruption' #youthvoices @YouthPost2015'

'Messeh 'Need to address conflict&energy poverty when discussing jobs! Panel will you accept the voices of young ppl?''

'Kaganga John from Uganda makes passionate call for youth empowerment and gets round of applause. Things are heating up! #post2015HLP'

'Andrew 'young people see past divisions and we are the future's innovation, we also can't forget trafficking issues''

'HLP John Podesta 'Coming from our youth session, need to focus on innovation on opportunity it's going to be their world' @youthvoices'

Nik Hartley, our CEO says: 

"We've heard a radical idea here today of young people being brought into the panel. This is the beginning of the real consulation."

We can also reccommend you click here to read the blog post by Katie Washington, Plan UK youth delegate, with a conclusion from the High Level Panel.



Source: Twitter

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